Although they might seem the same, there is a difference between a headshot and a portrait!

An actor's headshot should be a straightforward, uncomplicated close up which simply put, shows a casting director what you look like.
Portraits allow for a little more creativity with perhaps more dramatic lighting or accentuated poses for example.


Standard Headshot sessions* are £## inc. five retouched images.

Sessions usually run around a couple of hours but I promise I won't let you go unless I'm happy we've nailed the shots!
I don't put a limit on how many images I take but will whittle it down to around 50 or so which will be uploaded to a private gallery for you to choose your favourite five images for editing in both colour and black and white.
I take a mixture of portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) images. UK casting directors prefer the standard vertical photograph (colour or b/w preference is open for debate!) but the horizontal format is widely used in the U.S. (often referred to as a New York or LA style headshot) and is becoming more popular over here as people look for something a little different.

I would advise wearing a plain, neutral coloured top if possible and minimal jewellery. The most important thing in the photo should be your face so anything that distracts from that, like a stripy top, enormous earrings or a funky tie, is not the best idea.
In the same vein, for ladies, I would suggest 'daytime' make up and hairstyling. You may look super hot with a fancy up-do and smoky eyes but a casting director really wants to see the person in the photo standing in front of them.


However, there's nothing to say you can't go full on false eyelashes and blood red lippy in a portrait session!
(Girls or  guys!)

If you're interested in also having a few of the more portrait style images, I'm currently ironing out the details and pricing for a 'Headshot Plus' session which will incorporate this. These sessions will run a little longer to allow for a change of clothing or two or to experiment with different poses etc. Let's get your headshot in the bag and then we can play around with some different looks or jazz up the lighting. 
In addition to your five retouched headshots, I will fully edit a selection of the best portrait images in a mixture of colour and back and white.
As I said, I'm still working out the details for a package so in the meantime if you're looking for an extended session and some additional portrait images, just let me know.

*All sessions are indoor and use studio lighting. Although if you are interested in an outdoor, natural light shoot, please give me a shout and I'll be happy to discuss it.

#Pricing information to follow.

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