City Streets Editorial - Rotolight Test

Early Spring and I had the opportunity to try out some of the latest products from Rotolight, a leading manufacturer and developer of an amazing and award-winning continuous lighting system.

Accompanied by one of Rotolight's ambassadors and all round photographic genius, Sam Nash and our model, Tessa, who had been had been given a quirky and cool makeover with crystal beads and neon eyeshadow, we hit the streets of London, guerilla style to see what the lights had to offer.

We first set up in what was usually a very quiet side street but today it seemed that everyone in London was using it as a cut through! 
Cue lots of honking horns and last minute dives for safety from speeding traffic! 

In this first location we made use of some advertising posters as a backdrop.
Although quite colourful they were faded and peeling and made an interesting clash with the model'svibrant make up and wadrobe. 

The first pictures here were literally the first ones of the day. I snapped a few test shots quickly just test check camera settings and didn't bother to properly frame the shots, but on reviewing the images I really liked the non-standard composition and the negative space above Tessa which made the wall much more a part of the overall image.  

We then moved on to a dark back street alley where the available light was pretty poor so our light got to do its thing, including demonstrating one of its extra features;
in-built colour!

Back out into the daylight and we found a gorgeous scene for our next set of shots.

The beautiful soft pink blossom contrasted really nicely against the blue sky reflecting office buildings behind. 

Despite the gorgeousness of the pink and blue backdrop, I played around with a few images in post and really liked the desaturated look of the shot above right.
When Tessa's coat almost blends into the blossom, it makes her face become more of a feature and it feels more like a beauty shot.

As the sun started to get lower in the sky there was a great opportunity to get some cool backlit shots.                                                                        I really liked the city vibe on these next images.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

And it wouldn't be me if I didn't make a few black and white conversions!

The final few images of the day were taken under a scaffolded walkway which formed a cool urban backdrop but got a bit too busy as it was also at the entrance to a tube station and commuters are not the most patient audience!

Model: Tessa Stannard      Mentor: Sam Nash      Lighting: Rotolight

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