Fashion & Editorial Shoot

God's Own Junkyard, London

A few minutes’ walk from Walthamstow Central, off a nondescript suburban street, you’ll find ‘God’s Own Junkyard’.

A riot of neon and quirkiness behind a plain white door (in the best traditions of the old speakeasy), it’s a mash up of art space, museum and workshop with a bar/coffee shop frequented by the local (and not so local!) cool kids and hipsters.

And it was to this awesome location I ventured recently to shoot four fab but very different models.

Whilst the venue itself is amazing, it did throw a few curve balls for photography purposes.
Neon can be quite awkward to shoot as having something so bright tends to to render the surrounding area very dark and in trying to balance the correct overall exposure you can easily lose the vivid colour and the ‘pop’ of the lights.
Throw in a model (or four) and you have an additional element to consider.

A tricky but extremely fun shoot!

Julie had been styled in perfect sync with the background and we experimented lots with the reflections in her shades.

The last shot was one I envisaged the moment I knew I was going to shoot here and I’m really happy I got it In the bag.

Cleopatra (such a cool name!) had the most amazing skin and working with gels suited her perfectly.

There was less neon in this area of the venue and exposure wasn’t as quite tricky, but I was still mindful of not letting her bright trousers overwhelm the shots.

I had the most fun working with Natasha. She was energetic and animated and needed very little direction and I was sure I’d nailed quite a few good shots, but actually I ended up with fewer ‘keepers’ from this set.

I initially had her sitting on a small child’s chair which I thought went with the quirky vibe, but it didn’t work too well with the floaty dress she was wearing as her leg line was often lost and she looked a bit shapeless. 

But a change of prop and a different pose we were back on track...

Back to single blue gel for Lydia which worked beautifully with her skin tone and where I might normally opt for less facial sheen,  I felt it worked in this setting.

And I love models who are prepared to climb on tables to get the shot! (Just don’t mention ‘health and safety’!)

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