Whines & Spirits

Camden Fringe Festival, London 2017

Edinburgh isn't the only place with a bustling, brilliant fringe, London has its very own version, playing at the same time. 

The Camden Fringe is a month long festival which plays host to an array of productions by up and coming writers and is an unrivaled chance to see edgy, experimental and brand new theatre in some fab and quirky locations.

This year the festival covered 22 venues with over 270 productions and 940 performances.

I was asked by the awesomely talented writer, Annie Burkin, if I would capture some rehearsal stills of her new play, Whines & Spirits.

I sat in on an early rehearsal in deepest, darkest King's Cross and had such a blast that I went back several times! I ended up documenting the show's development right through rehearsal and into the performance itself.

Untitled photo

Writrer & Co-Director Annie Burkin

with Co-Director Nick Campbell

Shooting in this environment is actually a little more challenging than it might first appear.

I was mindful not to get too close to the actors so as not be be a distraction, especially in the early rehearsals when everyone was still learning lines and directions.

I initially chose a long lens so I could stand a distance away and zoom in,  however I hadn't realised how loud the autofocus was on my admittedly quite old telephoto!  I missed a few shots during the more intense scenes as I just didn't want to break the mood.

(I have since upgraded to a swanky and super quiet model!)

Obviously flash was not an option, for the same reason as above.

At the beginning of the rehearsals there was plenty of available light streaming in to the room to balance the harsh overhead lighting but as the sun went down, those strip lights became the primary light source and I had to alter camera settings accordingly. 

Dress Rehearsal - Walthamstow

Untitled photo

The run was a roaring success gaining five-star reviews and selling out almost every night.

It was definitely a highlight of the festival.

Big shout out to all those involved for a damned fine show!! (Please click on the links at the bottom of the page for further fab info.)

Last Night Performance - Hen & Chickens Theatre, Islington

Untitled photo

Whines & Spirits

A new play by Annie Burkin

Co-Directed by Annie Burkin & Nick Campbell

Cast: Annie Burkin, Isabella Caley, Gary Hailes, Paul Spires, Robert Walters

Stage Managed by Kerryan White

With thanks to:

Camden Fringe Festival

Mirth, Marvel & Maud Rehearsal Space, Walthamstow

Hen & Chicken Theatre, Islington

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