Corporate Christmas Party

Never one to miss a good party, I was more than happy to be asked to capture the mirth, merriment and general shenanigans

at a West London company's Christmas bash.

Definitely one of the crazier parties I've been to....

Ladies in their finery and gents in tuxes mixed with Captain Jack Sparrow, Imperial Stormtroopers, Keith Lemon and Elvis!

Guests entered the marquee to be met by Mutley from Wacky Races and were directed

to the coat check by a dwarf Elvis on a swing before having their picture taken for prosperity with Elvis.

Later in the evening the musical entertainment got underway

with some spot on tributes to Frank Sinatra, The Jersey Boys and Elvis.

I spent the first hour or so snapping all the guests at their 'meet and greet' with Elvis after which I worked the venue asking party goers to pose for a souvenir shot or two.

With over 200 guests it can get a bit confusing trying to remember who I've taken a picture of and it definitely helps if a lady is wearing a distinctive dress!

Sometimes at events people need a bit of coaxing to have their picture taken but this bunch were definitely in the party spirit and would approach me for a quick photo with different friends throughout the evening.

They were a really happy crowd. With group shots I like to take at least three or four (in quick succession) to make sure everyone is smiling at the same time, but when I started editing this batch, it seemed everyone was smiling all the time! (Kudos to the host for a great party!)

As the evening wore on and the 'official' shots had been taken, I had time to roam the room looking to capture some candid and unposed moments. They often are people's favourite images of an event as I think they show the true atmosphere and really capture the moment.

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